Israel 35mm // Summer 2Q19

I feel about Israel, the same way I feel about America. 

Just because I love a place does not mean I cannot Call It In

when it misses the mark. 

Israel should learn from their American Ally. 

Killing us did not work. 

Segregating us did not work. 

Imprisoning us is not working.

Only Justice brings Peace. 

And the only justice to be had are Reparations: 

1. Cessation.

2. Restoration.

3. Compensation.

4. Satisfaction.

5. Healing.

Reflections of Divinity

A visual interpretation of Parashat Vayakhel for Lab/Shul. 

Talent were asked to perform a loving meditation. 


1. Be with your Self.

2. See your Self.

Look at your reflection, look for what you love about your Self. What makes you divine? 

3. Listen to your Self. 

What do you want to offer the world? 

Sydney offers Flamenco. Ofer offers Ballet. Jason offers Care. I offer Reflections. 

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